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Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. In today's world, where media is constantly present and increasingly influential, media literacy is an essential skill for navigating the complexities of daily life and making informed decisions.

In this section of Lifepedia, you will find a range of articles and resources on media literacy. From understanding the basics of media literacy and the different types of media, to exploring the impact of media on individuals and society, these resources will help you develop and enhance your media literacy skills.

Here are just a few of the topics you can expect to find in this section:

  • What is media literacy and why is it important?
  • Types of media and media formats
  • Analyzing and evaluating media messages
  • The impact of media on individuals and society
  • Creating and sharing media responsibly

By learning to think critically about media and its messages, you can become a more informed and empowered media consumer. Explore this section of Lifepedia to learn more about media literacy and how to put it into practice.


Youtube crash course on media literacy: Crash Course Media Literacy Preview 

Additional Aspects

Other aspects not necessarily covered in the crash course:

  • Give lots of examples 
  • How violence and other extreme physical acts shown in tv/movies play out differently in real life 

    • Eg:  jumping from high building, punches can kill etc 
    • Injuries, recovery, long term impact  
  • Everything is scripted! And meant to sell! Show examples 

    • Reality shows, talk shows, interviews etc I.e. those that are meant to seem authentic but actually are very guided if not fully scripted  
    • Do not expect authenticity 
  • Public Relations. How it is handled, how it is carefully shaped. 
  • Everything is a product that is built to sell 
  • Music, musicians – image created to appeal to demographics. Train to recognize 
  • Fandom, fans, mentality, to watch out for etc 
  • Clips on whatsapp, fb Youtube, tiktok, especially political and social.  

    • Nice Packaging,   
    • who is making them, why 
    • Propaganda 
    • common tropes
  • Case study of ISIS videos to see packaging and graphics 
  • Advertisements 

    • Playing to emotions 
    • Hwo to identify Target demographics 
    • Brand and product image, PR, how it is handled 
  • Clickbait 

    • Clikcs get money 
    • Use of anger, outrage, sensationalism in titles 
    • Yellow journalism 
    • Buzzfeed, huffpost etc 
    • Hundreds of articles in places like get-pocket being churned out on daily basis 
    • Magazines  
  • Production, film making tricks 

    • Camera positioning 
    • Expressions, 
    • Get up 
    • screenplay 
    • Effects, illusions, cgi 


  • Marketing Strategies
  • Insights from writers (show, ads, films) about the process
  • Subconsciously assimilating character traits into oneself from influential characters. For example, a common trope that can appeal to young male audiences is that of a "badass, rude, badboy/lonerwolf/straightalker but highly effective/skilled/expert possibly with some redeeming qualities. Or even an antihero." Need to point out pitfalls like imitation through admiration without awareness.

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